Thursday, July 15, 2010

Small Things Are Cute- Even Veggies

You can't deny it- this squashling is damn cute.

Carrotlings and beetlings had to be thinned out, which made for a great salad with deer tongue and flame lettuce.

This tomato plant gets it. It's producing like gangbusters... the others are more cautious.

Like this guy:

"I think I'll start with one tomato. Don't want to get all crazy with it."

I think the wind destroyed one plant- it doesn't look so hot, but I'm afraid to pull it out just in case it sneaks in some Miracle Grow when I'm not looking.

The winter squash is making a break for it. It's totally my fault for not giving it better boundaries and more space. Next year, I'll put more into our relationship.

The cilantro grew and produced lovely white flowers while I was on the road neglecting the garden.

The bees like it, as you can see, so it's going to stay for awhile. All my peas inexplicably died. The eggplants and some of the peppers have yet to flower. I wonder what August will bring and if I'll have anything besides lettuce, green tomatoes, and squash.


liz said...

Your garden looks great! Do you know of a way to keep the cilantro from flowering?

iLuv said...

Thanks, Liz. I have no idea how to keep it from flowering. It bolted pretty quickly, yet, my parsley hasn't flowered at all. It's a mystery to me.

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