Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Wheasus: The Ultimate Religious Billboard in Kansas

In general, I'm not a fan of religious billboards. I just don't think they change anyone's mind. I mean a "Jesus is Watching" billboard next to the adult bookstore is not savin' any souls and when I'm driving down the highway and see an anti-abortion billboard, it simply makes me angry. These issues are just more complicated than a slogan or bumper sticker. I also don't think religion should be worn on one's sleeve. It's a private affair between you and God/the Goddess/Nature/the Universe/Not-God.

Religion and politics aside, I'm completely fascinated by this billboard. WTF, Kansas? It's like Children of the Corn, but with Jesus in a wheat field.

The actual art is alright... I mean we all know it's Jesus holding onto some wheat, but it looks like Jesus' head and hand are growing out of the field!

It's intoxicating, this... Wheasus. I would argue it's a bit dangerous... I mean, you're driving by it going 70 mph, but can't tear your eyes away from the weirdness. Don't worry, I actually went to the field to take the photo, so no drivers were almost harmed in the production of this photograph.

If this wasn't a billboard, I would totally send it to the "Museum of Bad Art" and if you haven't heard of MOBA, well, enjoy: