Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Wheasus: The Ultimate Religious Billboard in Kansas

In general, I'm not a fan of religious billboards. I just don't think they change anyone's mind. I mean a "Jesus is Watching" billboard next to the adult bookstore is not savin' any souls and when I'm driving down the highway and see an anti-abortion billboard, it simply makes me angry. These issues are just more complicated than a slogan or bumper sticker. I also don't think religion should be worn on one's sleeve. It's a private affair between you and God/the Goddess/Nature/the Universe/Not-God.

Religion and politics aside, I'm completely fascinated by this billboard. WTF, Kansas? It's like Children of the Corn, but with Jesus in a wheat field.

The actual art is alright... I mean we all know it's Jesus holding onto some wheat, but it looks like Jesus' head and hand are growing out of the field!

It's intoxicating, this... Wheasus. I would argue it's a bit dangerous... I mean, you're driving by it going 70 mph, but can't tear your eyes away from the weirdness. Don't worry, I actually went to the field to take the photo, so no drivers were almost harmed in the production of this photograph.

If this wasn't a billboard, I would totally send it to the "Museum of Bad Art" and if you haven't heard of MOBA, well, enjoy:


XSUSHA said...

I am totally laughing my head off right now. This is hilarious!

Anonymous said...

April, great post!!

We saw that on the way home in November! After laughing for an hour, we agreed there is something a bit unsettling about it.

Plus, the message is lost on me...

What we need is Kelso and the gang to get up there and paint a pot leaf over that wheat in his hand.


iLuv said...

Thanks, Xsusha and Stephen. I'm glad you've enjoyed Wheasus as much as me. And Stephen, you're right, a pot leaf would be the perfect prank... As for the message, all I can say is, "Double rainbows... what does it mean?" *laughs* then *sobs*

Michael said...

Stumbled across your blog when I typed in "Kansas wheat field" to show some friends where I grew up.

Thank God, or maybe Wheasus, that I'm not the only one to die laughing upon seeing this sign.

Best part - it's printed on both sides, so you see it heading either East or West on 70.

Theresa said...

Guys, in case you don't recognize it. This depicts Jesus separating the wheat from the tares (weeds) (good from bad). It is a parable in the New Testament (Matthew 13:24-43).

Missy said...

We passed this last week while on an 8000 mile roadtrip. We had a new car that had not yet been named, and being rummy after 72 straight hours in the car, we started riffing on Children of the Corn. By the time we got ourselves over it, the car had been named Colby Nathaniel - Colby for the town (Colby, KS) and Nathaniel for the movie (biblical name). Thanks for the picture, I needed it for my Facebook status :)

iLuv said...

You're welcome, Missy. I'm glad this billboard provided merriment and a car christening opportunity! 8,000 miles is a long trip.

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