Saturday, August 14, 2010


The following images are the views of my backyard when I first bought the house. If you look closely, you can see a 3 ft high chain link fence at the back of the yard,

the same chain link on the side of the yard that faces the highway,

my neighbor's, well, ugly looking fence on the other side, 

and the shed with the rotted out foundation.

You may also notice that my back yard is absolutely ginormous. Ever since I bought the house, I knew I wanted to have a wood privacy fence. It would improve the view while I spent time in my yard and, hopefully, muffle some of the noise from the highway. However, I thought the building of the fence would be a long way off.

My Uncle J had planned to visit and put in some shelves in my reading/craft room. At some point, he told my dad that I wanted to build a fence. Then, it was all over. My dad and uncle decided to help me build a most awesome fence.

Here is stage one:

Already a huge improvement over the chain link.

As I write this, the fence is almost finished. My dad came down one weekend and helped get the majority of it done. I learned about leveling.

My uncle has been spending more time building gates and working on the highway side of the fence, which he curved to make a greater wind barrier. It also adds some aesthetic appeal, which we will enhance with landscaping.

Next project: prepare a pad for the new shed. Next next project: apply compost to entire backyard. Oh, did I mention? The entire back yard will be a garden next year. I plan to grow everything from wheat to garlic. Also, there is talk of varying my livestock from composting worms to bees. BEES! I'm so freaking excited for next year.


XSUSHA said...

I'm so jealous of your yard! The fence looks really nice, although, once as a punishment for some act I can't remember, Crissy and I had to dig three holes for new fence posts. I think it took us about a week. Thank goodness for family! I think you need chickens.

SPlus said...

Yes - you might need chickens. We love ours and they are pretty easy to take care of---you might be able to have a nifty enough set up that they can be left for days at a time. I LOVE your yard and am so happy for you and excited about your plans. :)

iLuv said...

Thanks, friendos! Right now, the yard is mostly weeds. I had a choice to make- re-sod / re-seed grass or convert to garden. I chose the later, so there should be some big changes next year. I'm so lucky to have my uncle around to help this fall.

I would love to have chickens, but I'm gone so much, I don't think I would be able to take care of them properly. If I ever leave this job / get fired, the first thing I'm going to do is get a dog. Then, chickens. :)

@Xsusha- Fortunately for me, my dad & uncle took care of the post holes. My uncle said he didn't mind digging the holes. My dad decided to rent a power auger, which is a machine that... well, helps dig holes. My job was limited to helping put up the cedar boards.

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